Welcome to the 4th Edition  Andover Festival of Cycling.

29th-30th July 2023

Andover Cycling Festival returns after a one year break,  with renewed enthusiasm to inspire the people of Andover and the surrounding area into  group activity outdoors

The 2023 Andover Cycling festival offers a weekend of pleasant and various cycling events in and around Andover , with rides and activities to suit everyone – road sportive rides, a BMX taster session with the Andover BMX Club, a cycle powered cinema evening ,a schools ride on a closed circuit in the town centre and a family ride, using some of the cycle lane network in and out of Andover town centre.

The event – organised by Halo Sports in association with Stannah, Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council -  aims to raise awareness of  the cycling opportunities available in Andover – both thorough the lanes, tracks and byways close to Andover and the whole cycle network in the town centre.

The Cycling Festival has a clear objective to raise the profile of activity through cycling, for all ages. It will create a feel good factor, both in physical wellbeing and mental health, through increased motivation and inspiration. Andover Cycling Festival is targeted on the following:

  • Bringing the community together
  • Increasing footfall in Andover town Centre
  • Focusing on Children's events within the Town centre
  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Helping to address Child obesity To deliver the activity to all ages,

We will have an Under 12s  ride too, which will take place on a barriered closed circuit in the town centre, with approved British Cycling risk assessment and event signage, to ensure both rider and public safety. We will be actively promoting the cycling festival to Under 12s, with visits to schools to give talks about cycling and the cycling festival

The cycling festival will aim to raise awareness of the cycle lane network for residents and visitors to Andover, for leisure and for commuting motives.


Inspire Living Logo

To find out more about Inspire Living, and their fundraising, click here

Andover Cycling Festival will also be raising funds for charity and the chosen charity for this years event is INSPIRED LIVING, which is a branch of CANCER RESEARCH UK.

Inspired Living aims -  when raising funds through the activity of cycling are:-

  • To inspire ordinary men & women to adopt healthier lifestyles to reduce their risk of contracting cancer.
  • To raise £500,000 for Cancer Research UK.

In short "We want to show that ordinary people can do extraordinary things" and hence the events are testing individuals to extremes

Why are we doing this?

  • Cycling is a metaphor for life – we are all on a journey
  • Fighting the adversity of cancer with positivity
  • To promote the compelling health messages – diet, exercise and lifestyle factors
  • Improved nutrition and an increase in activity reduces the risk of cancer and stroke.

A donation will be made to the Inspired Living Cancer Research UK charity from entry fees to the various events at the Andover Cycling Festival



There's an 80 mile route, a 50 mile route, and a 15 mile family route. Take your pick!